Roaring Twenties!!!!!!
Maddie and SavannahIndependent women in the 1920's were called Flappers. The 1920's was a decade of breaking away from traditional methods and becoming more modern! Women were wearing clothing that would have been questioned by elder folk. The people of this time were called the "Lost Generation."

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Money and AlcoholProhibition was put into effect, which led to the many gangsters of the era. Many of them sold and bought alcohol illegally. The illegal bars they would open were called "Speak-easys." This era was all about setting new boundaries and breaking the rules. The people of this era changed America, and set the standard for modern times.This decade was right after the end of WW1, and people just wanted to have fun. There was a large economic boom all over the world! The US became the world leader in finance. People were buying things on credit, which was not always a good thing. Some people ran out of money in their bank account, but still kept buying things. Soldiers were coming back from fighting and didn't want to be told what to do. They didn't care that the law said they couldn't drink. SportsThe 1920's was also when sports started to become very popular, especially baseball! Babe Ruth was the 1920's. He was very popular not only from baseball, but from his personality. He showed that if you put your mind to something, you can do it. Other sports such as golf, basketball, and hockey also became popular in this era.external image 256px-Babe_Ruth2.jpg
The music of the 1920's was all jazz! Much of this new music was starting to be played in dance halls and "Speakeasys." Many new dances were also being created. Broadway was also becoming big! New musicals were being written, and they provided quality entertainment for their viewers. Here is some 1920's music!Music of the 1920's!
Entertainment was changing as well. Radios and TV sets were being created. Many families would sit and watch TV for the afternoon. This decade was the start of the technology boom. Airplanes were becoming popular, and Charles Lindbergh was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. John Baird was the man who first invented the TV (1925), and created the first color TV in 1928. Movie Theaters were becoming popular, and movie stars were being born! Some famous actors and actresses were:Greta Garbo- Best known for her silent movies during the Golden Age of Hollywood.Clark Gable- Known for his famous role in Gone With the WindGloria Swanson- Actress and fashion iconSpencer Tracy- Won two Academy Awards for his acting career, was in 75 moviesMickey Rooney- Best known for the main role show The Adventures of the Black StallionClara Bow- Major Flapper icon, very independent spirit, famous actressMary Pickford- Known as "America's Sweetheart"
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Greta Garbo

Gangsters of the 1920's:
During the 1920's, gangsters were on the rise! Most of them were after alcohol and money. Riots broke out, and many men were killed. The famouse St. Valentines Massacre was where Al Capone and Bugs Moran had a shoot-out in a warehouse in Chicago over drugs and alcohol. Seven men were left in a pool of their own blood. Gangsters often used "Typewriters" (Machine guns) to shoot their enemies. In the 1920's, slag terms were starting to be used. Here are some slang terms:Pineapple- hand grenade Moll- gangsters girlfriend who carried their weapons
Bootlegger- hip flask hidden by boots so they could sell alcohol in the streets
Flivver- Model T Ford
B-Girl- Bar girl, get drinks for a guy
Bathtub gin- Gin made in peoples bathtubs
After WWI, tensions were rising between nations. This caused the begainning of communism, fascism, and socialism. People wanted to end labor problems, and lessen immigration. The 18th amendment made selling and making alcohol illegal. The Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed to end WWI. Germany was in an economic downfall after the war.
The presidents during the 1920's era were:Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921)- Declared an act of war against Germany in WWI. 14 pt. speech establishing peace between nations, and the Treaty of Versailles
Warren G. Harding (1921- 1923)- Post-war depression.
Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)- Called for isolation in foreign policies, and cut taxes, and limited aid to farmers during the economic down fall.
Herbert Hoover (1929- 1933)- Wanted to cut taxes, and expand public working spending, stock market crashed, but Hoover believed that if everyone left the economy alone it would recover by itself. People saw this as poor leadership and began to dislike Hoover.Domestic Issues:Scopes TrialsImmigration Act of 1924Ku Klux Klan"The Jazz Age"FlappersBob cut haircutsFilm takes offWomens rights World EventsPolish-Soviet WarChinese Civil War begainsGermany suffers for economy crash due to WWI reparationsTurkish war of IndependenceConclusionIn conclusion, we believe that the 1920's was an era the changed and sculpted American into what it is today. This was a time of rebellion and fighting the rules! This era gave Americans their independent spirit and willingness to fight power. The 1920's was the transition era from very mtraditional to modern all in the blink of an eye. It changed music, fashion, spendings, and much more. People were spending much more money on things. Also, this era really broke up the different wealth classes. Middle class was starting to grow as well.