The 1980's"a decade unforgettable"
By: Amy Lundgren and Sierra Zeidler
Music Of The 80's

MUSIC: Music in the eighties changed music from that point on. A lot of things were different about the
music of the 80's--big hair, rock and roll, Madonna, and metal for example. Some of the bigger stars were Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and just about any other big hair band you could find.mtv-logo.jpg The link above is a mix of some of the most popular eighties music video and song clips.
TV & MOVIES: Like every decade since they were created, there have been the good and the bad television shows and movies. The eighties was no exception. Some of the more popular movies were Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, Dirty Dancing, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. TV shows that were popular were the Cosby Show, Love Boat, General Hospital, and for kids, the Smurfs. Other shows for kids were You Can't Do That On Television, Inspector Gadget, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. MTV was also created during the eighties which is still a popular channel today.
CLOTHING: Looking back on it now, the style in the eighties was crazy. But back then it was normal, just like the clothes we wear today. Some of the popular styles were:
  • Leg Warmers
  • Parachute Pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Add-a-bead Necklaces
  • Neon
  • Acid Washed Jeans
  • Ankle Socks
  • Guess Jeans
  • Jelly Shoesimages.jpg
  • Jelly Bracelets
  • Jumpsuits
  • Dresses
  • Over sized Shirts
  • Watches
1980s_020508.jpg 81_physical_98.jpg
TECHNOLOGY: In the 1980's, computers were being used by a lot of people. There was no internet but they were used for business and scientific use. In 1983, America made a breakthrough in computer technology. The internet was created, making it able for people to view and store information online.
LIFESTYLES: In the 1980's teens had more freedom then they do now, and there was less supervision, but they were still respectful to their parents. They didn't have the internet so they weren't connected by facebook or twitter like kids now are. Cocaine was popular in teen use.
  • 1980: TV show Dallas. Summer Olympics in Moscow, US boycotts it. John Lennon is assassinated. Ronald Reagan in elected president of the US. US stops grain sales with the USSR in response to their support of the war in Afgahn. Sadam launches war on Iran for oil rights. CNN is launched. Poland has massive strikes.
  • 1981: 1st launch of a space shuttle. Pope is shot by a Turk. Sandra Day O'Connor becomes part of the Supreme Court Justice. The birth of the beloved MTV. Fruit fly break out in California. Attempted assassination on Reagan. Spain allows legal divorces. The year of pac-man.
  • 1982: MJ's "Thriller" sells over 20 million albums. Ozzy bites off the head of a live bat that is thrown at him at a preformance. Liposuction is introduced. The first artificial heart transplant. John Belushi dies of cocaine overdose. Tylonel scare.
  • 1983: The year of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Introduction to Star Wars. "Just Say No". The discoverance of HIV. Fake Hitler diaries come up. Hackers invade military computers. Sally Ride is the first woman in space. Karen Carpenter dies of anorexia.
  • 1984: This is the year of the Cosby Show. AIDS is discovered. Apple releases personal computer. PMRC, a group of people who are raising awareness about alarming new trends in rock music. First Af. Am. to be Miss America. Rap is introduced in a new way. Nude pictures of old Miss America.
  • 1985: Crack cocaine starts to appeal. Rock-N-Roll hall of fame. Gorbachev becomes the president of the Soviet Union. Leaded gas is banned in US. Hole in ozone layer. Ethopia blocks airlift of of thousands of Ethiopian Jews. "We Are The World". Nintendo.
  • 1986: Worst nuclear disaster in USSR. US vs. Khadafi. Recycling programs. Red Sox go to World Series. John McCarthy was kidnapped for 5 and 1/2 years. MLKJ Day is celebrated for the first time. Oprah Winfrey Show. Haley's Comet. Fox Network.
  • 1987: "Black Monday" when the stock market crashes. "Baby Jessica" falls down a well. Thacher is re-elected. Condom commercials begin to appear on TV for the first time. US budget reached trillion dollars. A famous porn star gets a seat in the Italian Parlament.
  • 1988: Soviets leave Afgahn. CD's outsell vinyl. Summer Olympics. Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland is bombed. Fires in Yellowstone. Iran-Iraqui war ends in Aug. McDonalds is introduced to the USSR. Largest underwater sea tank is made. Plutonium pacemaker is made. Prozac.
  • 1989: Fall of Berlin Wall. Montreal Massacre. Soviet gets out of Afgahn. Collin Powell appointed Joint Cheif of Staff, first black. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Menendez parents were murdered by their two sons. Worldwide ban of ivory. Student protest in China, 3,000-7,000 killed. Oil disaster in Alaska. Lucille Ball dies.

Impacts of today from the timeline above ---------> This timeline just shows how things of the 80's impacted the world today. Not just the basics such as music, movies, and famous people, although those were very important key points that impacted today. But also the tolerance for other things such as divorce. Assassinations are happening in the 80's and they are happening more frequently in todays society it seems like. Ozzy is like the "back then" Lady Gaga in a way, especially with the wierd thing he did in 82'. More advances in space as a result of the things we were doing back then. Other advances in the medical world. The 80's also brought up the plastic surgery being introduced and now look at how much people are doing that these days. The movie Star Wars impacts today more than you would think. People are still into it and go to conventions for it. Women are having more of an impact in that decade, now woman are more independent. But also more pressure on women because of this time. With all of the liposuction, eating disorders, it puts pressure on woman to be "beautiful" by doing these things. People still watch the Cosby Show today. Computers are huge now. Music in the 80's had starded the sex appeal and the "nastier" words, now listen to the music. More acceptance for other races. Nude pictures of someone being leaked on the internet was a HUGE deal. But now it's more like "wow", but it's not as a big deal because we hear about it all the time with people in Hollywood. Drugs start to become more popular. That impacted today. Becoming more aware of our world. This leads to the US trying to take care of it, for example, recycling. There is more stealing of kids and people because so many people get away with it. MLKJ day is celebrated. With the condom commercials it impacted today because now there are more commercials like that and people now a day don't really think that much of it, it's not a big deal anymore because people overtime adapted to these changes. An uprising in forest fires. Prazac, made in 1988 has impacted today because it is still the most popular anti-depressant in the world. Blacks are more accepted in society and high political offices. More crazy people. The ban of ivory is still huge, animals with ivory are becoming endangered because of people taking it. Oil disaster has caused years and years of damage on the Alaskan coast to fishing and animals.

U.S. and World Events During the 1980's
POLITICS: In the early eighties, Jimmy Carter was finishing his term as president, which lasted until 1981. When his term ended, Ronald Reagan took his place for two terms, until 1989. Reagan was very focused on economics, creating his policy Reaganomics. Reaganomics was based on reducing tax rates and raising economic growth. President Reagan was also aiming to stop the spread of communism world wide. The very end of the 1980's (1989), Goerge Bush Sr. took office.
WARS: The Cold War was still going on during the 1980's which lasted from 1945-1991. In 1983 we led an invasion on Grenada. The invasion was successful and led to a change of government but was also controversial.
NATURAL DISASTERS: On May 18th, 1980, Mt. Saint Hellens erupted on Washington state, killing 57 people. There were also many floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes that took place during this decade.
DOMESTIC ISSUES: Some of the domestic issues during the eighties were terrorist attacks, we went to the moon, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and the Watergate scandal. Also, the energy crisis was going on so speed limits were lowered and gas prices rose. At the end of the eighties, when George Bush was president, the Berlin Wall came down.
KEY PEOPLE: There a lot of key people during the 1980's, below is a list of some.
  • Ronald Reagan-President
  • Princess Dianna-Princess
  • Prince Charles-Prince
  • Sandra Day O'Connor-First female Supreme Court Justice
  • Nina Blackwood-First MTV DJ
  • Madonna-Singer of the 80's
  • Micheal Jackson-Singer of the 80's

Impact of the 1980's
The eighties was a decade full of big hair, rock bands, and bright colors. Below the surface though, there was a lot going on that had an impact on society. We chose the eighties as the decade we felt had a big impact for many reasons. In our opinion, the decade of the eighties had an impact on a lot of things. On a smaller scale, music was greatly effected. After the eighties, music was faster, with stronger beats, and rock and metal bands were more popular. Even though its older, many teens today know the words to a lot of eighties songs. The style had been changing in decades before, and like every decade there is a different style than the one followed, but some of the bright colors from the eighties are still here today. When interviewing people, we found that some of the changes the eighties brought were bigger homes, fast food flourishing, and there were a lot more soap operas being watched on TV. In our opinion we feel like the medicine has grown in terms of advancement and being better and more efficient. It effected today majorly in that aspect. We think that the eighties would have been a very fun time to live in and if we could go back to visit any decade, we would pick this one.

The Economy of the 1980's
The United States was undergoing a recession in the early 1980's. Businesses were having a hard time keeping there business running. The bankruptcies rose a whopping 50% from the previous years. It wasn't just business owners that had a hard time during this time. Farmers also had a really hard time as well. Agriculture exports dropped, crop pieces fell, and interest rates sky rocketed. But then in 1983 the economy stared to look up for the US. It was a year of economic growth due to the inflation. Although the inflation rate stayed at about 5% all the way through the 80's. The American people expressed their dis-likings with federal policies by turning out Carter and electing a new president, a Hollywood actor and California governor, Ronald Reagan. Reagan made an economic policy during his presidency. It was based off of the theory of supply side economics, which then advocated reducing tax rates so that people could keep more of what they earned instead of it all going into government related things and taxes. This theory that he had was thought that having lower tax rates would make the people of America want to work harder and longer and then that would lead to more saving and investment, which would then lead to more production and overall, helping out the economy. These tax cuts that he was planning to make were mainly to benefit the richer portion of America. Other things that Reagan was doing was getting rid of social programs, eliminate government regulations affecting the consumer, the workplace, and environment, and pushed for big increases in defense spending because he felt like the military was neglected during the Veitnam War.

Real People of the Eighties:
A video made by Amy Lundgren and Sierra Zeidler. Brought to you by sliced oranges, sprite, my mom, yo-yo's, feather dusters, staplers, cotton candy, and Hannah Montana's 2nd cousins uncle 3 times removed. Enjoy... (;
Real People of the Eighties