==Fashion of the 1990's; A to Z. (Minus a few....)
By: Carissa Maher
In the 1990s, there were various styles that were embraced by people. Loud, bright colors were popular, along with different patterns and designs. It was the decade of the "grunge" look and is often considered the "anti fashion era". Brands that are still worn by a large majority of people today became popular in this decade. The styles of the 1990's is what brought us to the advancement of the high fashion styles that we wear today.
A: Abercrombie & Fitch
Adidas Windpants

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSByvZLywe8z45SHWPeIhgquOV7F6snvvxZnD4u3BZ7zYHuJCmsAyY0zNs

B: Baggy Jeans
Body GlitterBaby Doll Dresses
external image 88638C62.jpg

C: Canvas ShoesCapri PantsCaps W/ Tags still on it
external image il_570xN.143043993.jpg

D: Double ShirtDoc MartinsDiaper Pants

external image whoa+harem+pants.jpg

F: Flannel ShirtsFlare JeansFishing Hats
external image 90sjeans.jpg

G: GuessGX Jeans

external image 4301443264_89e564a74a.jpg

H: Hawaiian PrintsHalf Heart Necklaces

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J: Jelly Shoes

external image jelly-shoes.jpg

K: Karl Kani (Hip-Hop Clothing..)

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQFrI5DFLOu9leYlBltVn2OGyB6ZINKb22WJwI0hICbC38P9mFV

L: LeviLooney Toons T's
external image 0009.jpg

M: Mini Ball and Chain necklaces(charms)
external image E65E8B1D.jpg

N: Nike!
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O: Overalls

external image overalls.jpg

P: PiercingsPlastic BraceletsPolar Fleece
external image merch-polar+fleece+vest.jpg

R: The "Rachel" Haircut(Rachel is one of the leads in the hit TV show "Friends")
external image Jennifer+Aniston+hated+the+Rachel+haircut.jpg

S: Sam & Libby Flats

Spiral Perms

Starter Coats

Straw Hats W/ Flipped Brims

external image starter%20jackets2.jpg

T: TattoosThermal ShirtsToe RingsTommyTube SocksThigh High StockingsTrenchcoats
external image 432803049_fada2840eb.jpg

U: Union Jack Dress
external image 9c8918498d60d26c71ca9856245a052f.image.172x229.jpg

V: Velvet Blazers

external image 11074-massimo-dutti-woman-velvet-blazer-in-champagne-428x452.jpg

W: Watch Rings

White Hair Bands


 So do you remember any of this?! You might and you might not, but these are only some of the popular trends that are remembered from the decade of the 1990's.