MUSIC of the 1990s
By Ellie Heggerston

This genre became very popular in the 90s. A big thing that came out of the 90s, were pop boy bands like Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Boys II Men, 98 Degrees, and Hansons. They were a new era of crazed, screaming, teen girl fans falling all over a new, hip boy group. While Madonna was still taking over the 90s, new females artists came along like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey. They gave pop a new kind of twist that we still listen to today. Also big to pop was the breakthrough of Latin pop singers like Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Enrique Iglesias. Pop became huge in the 90s and stayed huge all the way into 2011.

Alternative & Punk Rock
Alternative rock, various types of rock that differ from your classic rock, became very mainstream and commercially big into the 90s. Bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Goo Goo Dolls, and Counting Crows gave Alt rock a new name in music. A big type of alt rock was punk rock. Punk rock was big in the 90s when the band Green Day emerged onto the scene in the mid-90s. Other big punk rock bands were Blink-182, The Offspring, and Weezer made it big into punk rock. Alternative rock gave specific kinds of groups of people specific kinds of rock to listen to.

Grunge The biggest sub-genre to alt rock in the 90s was grunge. Grunge was one of the biggest genres of music in the 90s and effected everything from moods to its own fashion trend called grunge, with all the piercings, tattoos, and "grungy" clothes that the music portrayed. Bands like Pearl Jam and Sound Garden became big in the 90s. The biggest group that made grunge well known was the band Nirvana. Their first album Nevermind broke through in 1991 and the grunge craze sprung into action. The lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was the face of grunge and showed what grunge really was. The birth of grunge started with the breakthrough of Kurt Cobain's band and the grunge died with the end of their band. When Kurt Cobain died in 1994, it marked the declining of the genre.

BritPop In the 90s, a counter-culture movement broke through in Britain, and soon into the U.S., called BritPop. Ever since the end of the Beatles, british rock has been little known throughout the 70s and 80s. The BritPop genre was directed to the youth of U.S. and Britain and songs were specifically written to their experiences they were having. Big brit bands in the 90s were Pulp, Aqua, A*Teens, Oasis, and Supergrass but the biggest BritPop band was the Spice Girls. They took both countries by storm and were the biggest british band since the Beatles. The genre died out in 1997 with a Spice Girls break up soon after but the genre was big to the teens growing up in the 90s and gave lasting effects on the people that listened to.

One of the biggest genres that came out of this era and changed all of music was rap. Rap emerged in the end of the 80s but didn't become big until rappers like Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Run DMC, Beastie Boys and especially 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. made it well known and became a huge rival to rock music. Rap was just a new way of of saying words in a rhythm in a song until 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. took it to a whole other level. These two rappers had a East Coast(2Pac)/West Coast(B.I.G.) rivalry. With the shootings of 2Pac and B.I.G. in the later 90s, which is suspected that that each rapper sent people to kill the other, it showed the dark, sketchy, ghetto thug side of rap that we all know now. Rap changed the music industry and made a whole new kind of rivalry in the music business.

R&B This genre became very mainstream in the 90s. This genre, a rhythm and blues mix, was made by groups and singers like TLC, Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Boys II Men. The biggest R&B artist was Mariah Carey and she defined and started the popularity of R&B music. She was this genre's biggest act of the decade and the best-selling artist of the decade. This genre portrays a new kind of combo of hip hop and soul and still is a very popular genre.

With the boom of computers and technology came along a new kind of music called techno. This kind of music was music generated on the computer with different kinds of rhythms, tones, and sounds. Madonna's album Ray of Light experimented with electronic sounds and a DJ named Moby made this music genre big. This genre now effects all different genres today and gives all different kinds of genres a computer generated twist.

Contemporary Country Country music exploded onto the 90s music scene and became one of the biggest genres that came out of the 90s. Debuts of artists like Bryan Adams, Brooks&Dunn, Alan Jackson, and Kenny Rodgers made this kind of music large and so different from the rest. Shania Twain made Pop Country a new kind of genre and people love the combo of pop and country. This breakthrough of country in the 90s made a new kind of music that had a whole different taste to it and it still remains as one of the most popular genres of music today.

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