The Cold War

By Cheyenne Wilson

The Cold War was the effect of a World War I bringing in the Communist views, and of a hard liner leader known as Stalin. But the Cold War was more then just an effect, it caused several chain reactions that would effect the entire world in several ways. In my analysis I will demonstrate to you how it effected the world.


  • What caused the Cold War?
  • The Cold War itself.
  • Results of the Cold War today.

What caused the Cold War?

Before you can look at how large of an impact the Cold War had, you have to take a quick look at what caused the Cold War itself. The events that led up to the Cold War was a very slow chain reaction, but once the Cold War starts you will see a fast and out of control chain reaction. These are not all of the causes, but just a general overlook.
World War One - This war, you could probably say, was the first thing to set off this chain reaction. It was during this was that Communism was established in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. After the war was over, Germany had to pay some huge reparations that would drive Germany into debt, and the Weimer Republic was put into place. Hitler would have a long lasting hatred for the world because of these reparations and the 'disgrace' that he felt Germany suffered from. Ho Chi Minh was also brought into the picture who was from Vietnam. France and Britain turn him away when he asks them to leave Vietnam to govern itself. Because of them turning him away he will turn to Russia for help, and bring in Communism.
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh

Great Depression/World War Two - The Great Depression was not only a United States issue, it was a world wide problem. Because of it Hitler was able to rise to power, which will lead to World War Two. World War Two will be the start of the Cold War with the United States and USSR. After World War Two came to an end the USSR demanded having expansion rights. An Iron Curtain was established and the USSR started to invade other nations, and called them satelite nations. This will lead to a chain of events that will call for brinkmanship.

Political cartoon of US vs USSR
Political cartoon of US vs USSR

The Cold War Itself.

A map of the USSR and US allies.

Falling of the Berlin Wall. Marked the end of the Cold War.

Atomic Bomb

A political cartoon related to the Bay of Pigs Invasion

U2 Image of the Cuban Missils - led to Cuban Missil Crisis

Bin Laden - we supported his terrorist group in order to stop Communism from spreading

Korean War Memorial. Many people have had realtives who fought in this war and have been affected personally.

Assasination of Oswald (who assasinated Kennedy)

Iranian Hostage Crisis - Copy of a newspaper

The Great Space Race

Results From The Cold War.

The Cold War was a competition for global power and influence between us and the Soviet Union. We are experiencing the results today, and I believe we will continue to see the results for a long time to come. I will list out some ofthe main results in each area.

Government: CIA formed, NATO formed,and AEC formed, We also now have the Atomic Weapon.
War: Because of the Bay Of Pigs failure, we were afraid to take a political leader out of power like Saddam Hussein and we let that problem get out of hand. It wasn't until we entered a War on Terror we were able to take him out. Because we funded Osama Bin Laden and then cut funding, he formed a long term hatred for the United States which led to a long chain reaction that has effected ALL of us in one war or another.
Society: The Cold War has effected people psychologically as well. At the time people lived in a constant fear of the end of the world. This created the 'X' generation and has led to a more and more rebellious world. These effects are still visible.