There were many influential people of this era who we still celebrate today. Rosa Parks is still remembered today for her courage and strength during a time of oppression. Her famous bus boycott is what sparked the work of Martin Luther King Jr.
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James Meredith fought for the right to a higher education. He was the first black man to go to an all-white college in Missouri.Despite the governor's attempts to keep him out of the school, Meredith was eventually escorted into the school, thus integrating the university. Without his actions, schools wouldn't have been integrated.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was the face of the movement. The Civil Rights Movement was successful due to his hard work. He gave people hope and determination through his speeches. He organized many events such as the March on Washington. Because of his work, black people are now equal to white people.He is still celebrated today. On January 16th, we all remember his work with Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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There were many major events of the Civil Rights Movement. Attacks and peaceful protests were common in the news. One of the most horrific,however, is the events of Birmingham. During a sit-in (consisting of young children) at a local church, police came and made almost 1,000 arrests. When people returned to the church the next day, things became violent as police used high-pressure water hoses to end the peaceful protests. Scared and confused, people started to run. During the second day many people were seriously injured. This story soon made national news and citizens, black and white, were horrified by the images they saw. This event brought light to the cruelty used against black people. The police had been trying to stop the protests, but ironically this only provided more support for the movement.

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Probably the biggest event of the movement, the March on Washington was definitely an influential part of the movement and of today's world. Their vocation for equality in the workplace and freedom of discrimination was heard during the march. One of the most famous speeches of the 1900's was made on that day, Martin Luther's "I have a dream" speech still echoes to those who fought for freedom.

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Through hard work and perseverance, justice finally came for black people. In June of 1964, President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act which ended all segregation and discrimination.New, equal opportunities were given for many people. Black people weren't the only ones given rights, as of title VII, women were also given rights such as the right to vote. This act shaped society and carries on today.

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