One of the most influential bands of this era is The Beatles. They will start what will become known as the "British Invasion"

The Beatles inspired many fashion crazes such as the mop top. In my opinion, there is no better example of their popularity and cultural influence than their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in the early 60's. When their music hit iTunes, their sales almost doubled that of original sales during their first year in America, they are still a popular group today.

Another type of music made it's claim to fame during the 60's. Country music became popular as legends such as Johnny Cash came out with a new, simple, folky sound. The birth of country music is often associated with the 60's. Below is Johnny Cash's most famous song, "Ring of Fire" it was originally released in 1964 and was at number one on the charts for seven weeks.


There were two major styles during this era, both of which are still popular today. They are the hippie and popular styles

Popular styles included clothing such as go-go boots, mini skirts, bobbed hair, and circular/ flower /paisley patterns. The different patterns can still be found in clothing today.

2683161081_0248de6bfb.jpg 70s-mini-dress-collage.jpg twiggy.jpg 261429.jpg

The other style we see in today's fashion is from a "rebel" group: hippies. Hippies styles included tye-dye, tassels, and long hair. The peace sign also became very popular in this era. These styles are still very popular today.

Hippie.jpg img-thing.jpg peace_sign_4.jpg 533527-53521-39.jpg