There are many different components of this war, but not all have had an impact on today's world. So here is my outline of the Vietnam War, and it's impact on today's world.But first, I recommend watching this footage of a soldier in Vietnam. It's real! (not really)

Start of the War:

The war was started as an effort to stop communism from spreading. We went to war when we believed that there was nothing more that could stop communism. like the Korean War, our efforts to stop the spread of communism was no longer effective without a bigger force. Here is a map of the war:


New weapon:
New weapons were constantly being developed and used in this war. This was dangerous because researchers didn't take time to study the long-term effects. Poisons such as agent orange were meant to clear out jungles but ended up having a worse effect. Today may people both in America and Vietnam can be found with genetic deformities and illnesses thanks to agent orange.
defoliation_agent_spraying.jpg AGENT_Orange_in_Vietnam_War_vivtims.JPG

This war had more phsychological effect than any other war. The reason being that most of the time,you didn't know who was an ally or an enemy. Many of the surviving veterans still will not talk about the events of the war today. These vets had the hardest experience in my opinion because of the pshycological effect and the hatred towards the war. It was the first time in US history that verterans had not been welcomed home with celebrations.
veterans.jpg VietnamWarMemorial.jpg memorywall.jpg